Server co-location

Admei-cloud Server hosting can effectively reduce maintenance costs, equipment room investment, and line rental.Admei-cloudT3 level data center, with complete computer room facilities, dynamic BGP network effectively guarantees high-quality network environment and rich bandwidth resources, and access to a unified system management platform, making resource allocation easier, making the system safe, reliable, stable and efficient.

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Product type

Specification Number of IPs Bandwidth DDoS Bandwidth price Price Operate
1U 1 2M 5G 4000.00USD/M/mo 103.54USD/mo

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2U 1 2M 5G 4000.00USD/M/mo 6000.00USD/mo

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Whole cabinet racks 0~ unlimited 0M~ unlimited 5G 4000.00USD/M/mo 52000.00USD/mo

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Product advantages

Service advantages

Value-added service item Admei-cloud Co-location Service time Service price
IDC technical support Intimate service, dedicated reception is responsible for connection debugging 24/7 Free
Professional maintenance mechanism 24/7 Free
Restart service 24/7 Free
System management service System advantages 24/7 Free
Free 5-20G traffic protection 24/7 Free
Data security guarantee 5*8 hours Free
Free troubleshooting 24/7 Free
Convenient and quality network services Three-star computer room facilities, network security and stability 24/7 Free
Professional internet security team 5*8 hours Free
Free web traffic report 24/7 Free
Gold Technology Operation and Maintenance Team Service 24/7 maintenance team 24/7 Free
Monitoring management 24/7 Free
Gold service level 5*8 hours Free