Cloud Monitor

Cloud Monitoring is a service that monitors cloud service resources and Internet applications. The cloud monitoring service can be used to collect monitoring metrics for obtaining cloud server resources, detect Internet service availability, and set alerts for metrics. The cloud monitoring service can monitor cloud server CPU, memory, disk, network and other resources, and provide alarm services for these indicators. With the alarm service, you can react in time to keep your application running smoothly.


Cloud monitoring is now free to use

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Product Features

Cloud Server Monitoring
View the monitoring indicators of the cloud server instance for free. You can directly view CPU usage, network transmission rate, disk usage and other monitoring indicators
Indicator CPUMonitor Memory Monitoring Disk Monitoring Network Monitoring
Monitoring Subject CPUUsage Memory Usage Disk Usage Public Network Ingress Rate and Public Network Out Rate
Flexible Alarm
Supports setting alarm rules for each monitoring indicator of cloud service monitoring. Cloud monitoring will send alarm notifications by means of SMS or email. A view of the current alarm status and alarm history is also provided.

Help Document

Q:How to add the process monitoring of cloud monitoring?
A:Monitoring is open to all instances by default, no additional human intervention needed
For existing users, the prompt “Open Monitoring Service” will appear on the console monitoring interface, and the user only needs to click open to use it for free.
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